Walking Liberty Half Dollar Coin Ring


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Lady Liberty with her arm stretched out is displayed on the front of this coin ring with the word “Liberty” shown above her. The other side of this Walking Liberty half dollar coin ring shows the mint date along with the Sun.

Making Your Coin Ring and Shipping
I special order these Walking Liberty half dollar coins and usually get them within a week. Once I receive yours, I will make your coin ring and have it shipped out within a day or two. I will notify you when I have dropped it off for shipment.

Finger Discoloration
The Walking Liberty half dollar has a composition of 90% silver and 10% copper. It is unlikely to discolor your finger unless you know that you have a reaction to silver.

Coin Information
The Walking Liberty half dollar was minted from 1916 to 1947 and was the design of Adolpy A. Weinman. His design of Lady Liberty striding towards the Sun for the half dollar proved difficult to perfect. The coin never struck very well and thus may have been the factor of its replacement by the Franklin half dollar in 1948.