Washington Quarter Coin Ring – 90% Silver


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One side of the coin ring will display “Liberty” and the other side will show the date you have selected. These 90% silver quarter coin rings make a great gift for those who want to signify the importance of a particular year.

Making Your Coin Ring and Shipping
I special order these 90% silver quarters to find the date you have selected and usually receive them within a week. Once I receive yours, I will make your silver quarter coin ring and have it shipped out within a day or two. I will notify you when I have dropped it off for shipment.

Finger Discoloration
These quarters have a composition of 90% silver and 10% copper. It is unlikely to discolor your finger unless you know that you have a reaction to silver.

Coin Information
The Washington quarter was first introduced in 1932 and has been minted ever since. Through 1964 these quarters contained mostly silver. In 1965 the composition of the coin was switched to copper and nickel. 90% silver proofs of the quarter were also minted from 1992 to 1998.