Presidential One Dollar Coin Ring


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The gold-colored Presidential one dollar coin makes a uniquely beautiful coin ring since it is coated with manganese brass. The phrase “United States Of America” is displayed boldly around the top of the ring. Lady Liberty’s torch is also visible in between “United States” and “Of America”.

Making Your Coin Ring and Shipping
I normally have these Presidential one dollar coins on hand so I can usually create your coin ring and have it shipped within 2 days of placing your order. If I happen to not have any on hand, I will let you know when I expect to get your coin ring shipped out.

Finger Discoloration
Since these coins have a composition of 88.5% copper, they are likely to discolor your finger. A light coat of clear finger nail polish on the inside of the ring can help with this, but will need reapplied every so often.

Coin Information
In 2005, Congress decided to honor former Presidents by creating a new series of one dollar coins. Four new designs featuring Presidents (in order of service) would be produced each year beginning in 2007. The Presidential $1 Coin Act was hoping to achieve the same renewed interest in the coin like that of the 50 State Quarters program. However, due to budget constraints and increasing stockpiles of the coin, production ceased in 2011. Future minting of the Presidential one dollar coin will be made solely for coin collectors.